Alim Course as a Degree

The Alim course is a multi-disciplinary multi-faceted course in the Islamic Sciences designed to develop in a student all of the knowledge, skills, and spiritual development necessary to understand the letter and spirit of Islam, to practice and embody it and to lead the community by excellent example. This is the course studied by people who go on to become known as Alims or ‘Ulama (Islamic Scholars) or Imams. This course is suitable for all Muslims, whether they want to serve the community professionally as Imams, Muftis, teachers and leaders or just want to fulfil their obligation to seek as much knowledge about their religion as possible. At Al Hashim Academy, the Alim course begins with 1 year at advanced level (AS/A level standard), progresses to 4 years undergraduate or degree level, and concludes with a year’s intensive study of core Hadith texts which is equivalent to post-graduate study and an MA degree.

Islamic Sciences: The course focuses on the Islamic Sciences and extensively covers the two core sciences of Tafseer and Hadith. The students complete two comprehensive Tafseer and ‘Uloomul Qur’an courses and after studying Uloomul Hadith and secondary Hadith texts, the whole course culminates in an intense comprehensive study of the core Hadith texts such as the six authentic texts (as-Sihaah as-Sittah) and other famous texts.

Ijaazah: The Alim course maintains the tradition system of Ijaazah; which is the permission from teacher to student to transmit knowledge. The Ijaazah means that every Alim is part of an unbroken chain of transmission going back to our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam.

So that our students complete the Alim course with a recognized postgraduate qualification, we are working in partnership with British universities to develop a MA in ‘Arabic & Islamic Studies’. This MA will form a necessary but not sufficient part of the Alim course and will grant graduate Ulama a British degree which will enable them to continue PhD studies in the academy or any other university or pursue a suitable career as an Alim.

Al Hashim Academy is giving you the opportunity to enrol for this Alim Course. This course devised to allow students to attain the necessary tool of the Islamic Sciences. The purpose of these Islamic Studies is to provide the students with an opportunity to study Islamic Sciences in an environment where they will not have to compromise any of their religious beliefs or values. Equipped with a sound grounding in Islamic Sciences, it is inevitable that this course will make its students to be true representatives of Islam. Our Alim course is a 6-year intensive course, which is instructed by the Al Hashim Academy.

Who Is This Course For?

  • Muslim students who want to study Islamic sciences.
  • Muslims who want to learn and understand the Arabic language.
  • Individuals who wish to obtain Ikhlas and Adaab.
  • Individuals who want to learn Sacred Islamic Knowledge.
  • Individuals who will holistically contribute towards the Muslim communities.
  • Muslims who cannot devote their time for full time Islamic Studies.

What You Will Gain From This Course?

  • A sound understanding in Islamic Sciences.
  • Strong conduct and motivation in your Islamic Knowledge.
  • Increase in knowledge about our Deen.
  • The understanding of Islamic rules and laws.
  • Knowledge being learnt in an Islamic cultural environment.
  • Fully recognized MA degree in ‘Arabic & Islamic Studies’

Is This Course Free?

Unfortunately, this course is not free. Al Hashim Academy is a non-goverment funded, non-profit making organsation. Thus, we need to allocate a fee to manage the costs. There is an annual fee (50 weeks) for this course of £800 (£16 weekly). This fee can be paid weekly, monthly, annually etc. in whatever way that suits the individual. Alhamdulillah, we do have a sponsorship scheme for students who are sincerely willing to learn but have financial difficulties. Any generous individual wishing to sponsor a student is requested to get in touch with the academy. Remember, nobody will be turned away for financial reasons if they are sincerely wishing to study the course.

Why Attend This Course?

‘The seeking of knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim male and female’ (Hadith)
the Qur’an and Sunnah consistently remind the believers of gaining Islamic Knowledge and implementing it in our lives. This is your opportunity to obtain an insight of Sacred Knowledge and make full commitment, devotion and struggle for the pleasure of Allah.